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What is the function of green

Green PVC conveyor belt is a widely used type of conveyor belt. Because of its light weight, good elasticity, not easy to deform, bright color and dirt resistance, it is deeply loved by consumers. In electronics, medicine, cosmetics, printing and other industries have applications. In the purchase of PVC conveyor belt, some customers need to wrap the edge, so how to make the edge of conveyor belt? What is its function?


There are two manufacturing methods for the hemmed conveyor belt


1. The green PVC conveyor belt is used to separate the yarn layer and the rubber surface. The bottom yarn is pulled off by 20 mm and the middle yarn layer is pulled down by 15 mm. The edge band is used for edge sealing. The distance between the edge band and the edge of the conveyor belt is 10 mm. Edge sealing adopts hot-melt process, which can take edge sealing and conveyor belt as a whole, so as not to fall off. Zui good use 3mm thick green PVC conveyor belt for edge banding. The appearance of edge sealing with thick glue is good. Of course, this can be determined according to customer requirements.


2. The green PVC conveyor belt separates the yarn layer from the rubber surface. The bottom yarn is pulled down by 30mm, and then the edge is wrapped with the rubber surface on the surface. The same hot-melt process is used to take the edge wrapping and the conveyor belt as a whole, so that there will be no shedding.


Said the production method of hemmed conveyor belt, then which industries will use such conveyor belt? What does it do?


The green PVC conveyor belt with edges like this is usually used in the electronic industry. When electronic products are produced and processed, they need a dust-free environment. When the ordinary conveyor belt is working, there will be friction to produce dust. The belt with edge wrapping can avoid dust generation.


The above is about the green PVC conveyor belt wrapping related knowledge, I believe you also understand more clearly. Welcome to inquire and customize.

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