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Repair of damaged conveyor bel

Conveyor belt is very common in some enterprises. It plays a very important role in conveying materials. However, with the long-term use of conveyor belt, the conveyor belt will be more or less damaged over time. So, how should we repair this damage? What are the common damages? Next, the conveyor belt manufacturer will analyze them for you.


In the use of conveyor belt, the most common problems are: foreign body scratch, local foreign body damage, wear, perforation, etc.


Conveyor belt manufacturers find that the conveyor belt is usually partially damaged due to foreign matters. According to the traditional method, it should be completely disassembled, repaired, heated and vulcanized, or scrapped and replaced.


It can be repaired with polymer rubber, which has super adhesion, excellent wear resistance and excellent tensile properties. High polymer rubber repair material is used to repair the scratch of rubber conveyor belt on site without disassembly and heat vulcanization. The repair cost is low and the time is short. The major loss caused by scrapping, replacement and long-time shutdown can be avoided. Moreover, the repaired conveyor belt can reach the service life of new conveyor belt.


The thickness of the repair coating is controllable, the forming speed is fast and the operation time is short. The cured coating has very high cohesive strength, tensile strength, peel strength and good hardness, toughness and elongation. Can greatly simplify the repair construction process, good self leveling, bright appearance. It can not only quickly repair the damaged rubber conveyor belt and rubber products, but also precoat a protective layer on the surface of the products to extend the service life.

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