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Selection of conveyor belt for

With the development and progress of society, there are more and more kinds of food. Many foods become more delicious after processing. Food processing conveyor belt is an important part of the food production line. Different foods use different conveyor belts. How to choose the right food conveyor belt?


Selection elements of food processing conveyor belt:


1. Zui small roller diameter requirements, whether knife edge belt.


The diameter of the roller should be adjusted according to the thickness and hardness of the conveyor belt.


2. Inclined conveying or not


Food processing conveyor belt in the gradient will consider the need for special-shaped processing, such as: baffle, skirt, guide strip, etc.


3. Special requirements for strip thickness


The thickness of the belt has a great relationship with the tensile strength and the thickness of the cloth layer. In the actual use process, it is necessary to consider whether the thickness of the belt is practical in the transportation process.


4. Conveying weight, strength requirements.


The weight of conveying materials and the use of idler or pallet determine the selection of conveyor belt strength.


5. Special surface pattern requirements


The transportation of special materials requires different patterns. Generally, the pattern selection of food processing conveyor belt is based on the diameter and friction degree of special materials.


6. Surface color requirements


Color in different industries will have some differences, such as the food industry to white, blue based, black conveyor belt is not suitable.


7. Surface friction coefficient requirements, need anti sticking


The friction coefficient is related to the requirements of belt in some special transportation process. For example, if the material needs to slide on the conveyor belt, the surface friction coefficient of the conveyor belt needs to be small.


8. Whether the requirements for food cutting, impact resistance and puncture resistance are met.


Food, cutting tools and other industries will have special requirements for conveying.


9. Is it necessary to prevent stratification in humid environment


The environment temperature and humidity will have a certain impact on the internal structure of food processing conveyor belt.


10. Temperature requirement, hydrolysis requirement


Material temperature, including the temperature of service environment.


11. Material shape, wear resistance requirements


Sharp material damage to belt, etc.


The above is for food processing conveyor belt selection elements of the introduction, I hope to help you. If you buy a conveyor belt when you are not ready for anything, you are likely to make a mistake. Therefore, it is very important to know how to select the conveyor belt, so as to avoid production delay caused by wrong purchase and unnecessary trouble to the company.

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