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What precautions do you have when selecting high temperature resistant conveyor belt?


High temperature resistant conveyor belt is commonly used to transport high temperature materials, which are mainly used in metallurgy, construction, electric power and other industries. The materials used in its operation can be divided into cement clinker, coke, sinter, etc. the commonly used high temperature resistant conveyor belt material is high temperature resistant canvas. Different formula designs match the structure with high adhesion performance, Conveyor belt manufacturers think that they should pay attention to the following three aspects:


1. According to the material transported, the selection of conveyor belt is mainly based on the composition, structure, nature and volume of the materials transported. The length of the conveyor belt is mainly determined by the heat-resistant temperature on the surface of the belt, and also affects the falling off degree of the cover rubber and whether the belt core is delamination. Therefore, the temperature resistance degree should be considered first when selecting the high temperature resistant conveyor belt, The second is the ambient temperature and the cooling time when it returns.


The temperature of the sinter and coke in large area reaches 150-deg;, The contact area between the belt and the belt body is small during the transportation process, and the temperature of the belt can be kept at 60-80-deg; In contrast, when transporting cement and dust, the temperature of the material itself is smaller than that of the conveyor belt;


2. The judgment of high temperature resistant conveyor belt should not only refer to the thermal strain degree of itself, but also consider the strain capacity of chemical machinery;


3. Special attention should be paid to the operating speed and center line distance of the conveyor belt during operation. To improve the service time of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt, the thickness of the cover adhesive can be referred to. The thickness of the upper cover adhesive of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt of the fabric core is 6-8mm and the lower cover glue is 2-4mm.


Suggestions for the use of high temperature resistant conveyor belt:


The surface of belt body of high temperature resistant conveyor belt shall be measured, recorded and monitored continuously to reduce the damage caused by too high temperature;


Forced cooling of the belt; Cooling with water at the joint layer;


Keep the distribution of materials during the transportation process, and reduce the situation of excessive concentration of materials;


Cooling water avoids oil. When there is oil in cooling water, damage to belt body will be increased.


The use of conveyor belt can not be less than a certain investment, and this necessary cost needs to be carefully considered, so in the selection of high temperature resistant conveyor belt products, we need to consider whether the raw materials are of high quality, whether there is the possibility of later maintenance, so the after-sales service in the later period should also be considered.


About the high temperature resistant conveyor belt selection what precautions conveyor manufacturers will introduce to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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