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How to choose food grade conve

There are many types of food grade conveyor belt. We should all know that Pu conveyor belt is generally selected for direct contact with food, silica gel or Teflon conveyor belt can be selected for high-temperature food, PVC conveyor belt is selected for bagged food, so how to choose conveyor belt for oily food?


The general types of materials for food grade conveyor belts are: polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), silica gel (SIR), and Teflon (PTFE). Now we introduce that customers need oil resistant and can transport sticky food grade conveyor belts such as flour. If the viscosity of dough is high, it is recommended to use silicone food grade conveyor belt, which is a linear polymer elastomer polymerized by dimethylsiloxane and other silicone monomers. Silica gel food grade conveyor belt has the advantages of non-toxic and tasteless, instantaneous surface heat resistance up to 100 to + 250 . It has good heat resistance and adhesion on the surface. It can transport sticky dough, chocolate sauce, fructose, etc.


If it's sticky dough, you don't need custom hems. If it is other leisure food, especially the round food that can slide, the skirt needs to be customized to prevent the food from sliding to both sides of the assembly line, resulting in material loss. The leisure food made by customers contains less oily ingredients, so the Sir silicone food grade conveyor belt can achieve good anti sticking effect. If you need food grade conveyor belt with strong oil resistance, you should choose another material!


The above is about oily, sticky food should choose what kind of food grade conveyor belt, hope to help you. Different products with different conveyor belt may also be different, you can also carry out the corresponding design and processing, welcome to click online consultation.

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