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Belt wear area

When the conveyor belt is applied, it will produce rolling friction with buffer idler, belt conveyor, raw material port, etc. the greater the sliding friction is, the greater the damage to the conveyor belt will be. In order to reduce the damage of the conveyor belt, it is necessary to find out the key rolling friction position of the conveyor belt.


1. Due to the rolling friction between the sound card frame and the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt will sometimes deviate due to the shortcomings caused by the production, installation and application of the belt conveyor. When the direction deviates too much, the conveyor belt will touch the idler bracket and the sound card frame, resulting in the edge glue damage and even the reverse side of the conveyor belt.


2. The friction between the guide groove and the conveyor belt and the damage of the separator to the conveyor belt is a unique damage. For example, the improvement of the separator design and the attention to maintenance can basically avoid this damage.


3. The friction between the buffer idler and the conveyor belt, and the lower covering rubber of the conveyor belt are also subject to the friction between the self-aligning buffer idler and its forward protruding trough idler. The connecting section from the trough idler to the barrel and the bending protrusion of the belt conveyor are often damaged.


4. Due to the friction between the sweeper and the conveyor belt, the damage caused by the sweeper to the conveyor belt is generally symmetrical. However, if the hard thick steel plate is used as the cleaning plate, if the operation method is not good, the vulcanized rubber other than waste will be drilled out. When the dirt between the sweeper tip and the conveyor belt comes in, a deep scar will be drawn on the total length of the conveyor belt.


The above is the conveyor belt in the application of often damaged position, application must try to avoid this position of friction, increase the service life of the conveyor belt.

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