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Nylon flat sheet base drive be

Flat film baseband is one of the main products of our company. Flat belt is made of nylon plus film base. The interlayer is made of high strength polyamide fabric, which has the characteristics of high strength, small elongation, good flexibility, smooth transmission, shock absorption, high friction coefficient, good wear resistance and oil resistance, anti-static and high transmission efficiency.


High speed flat belt is made of high wear-resistant special synthetic rubber or leather as friction layer and high-strength nylon sheet as skeleton layer. Its reasonable belt structure makes this kind of products have excellent comprehensive transmission performance: long service life, transmission efficiency more than 98%, transmission speed more than 60 m / s, good flexibility, stable size and constant friction coefficient, Our company has a wide range of products, up to dozens of varieties, the vast majority of products from Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and other countries famous belt manufacturers, we have into the chip baseband processing equipment, the processing chip baseband size is accurate, flat joint, firm.


The special processing of baseband is as follows:


1. Add guide bar: the size, specification and processing position of the guide bar are optional;


2. Add brush: Brush specifications, processing details can be optional;


3. Glue and pattern on the surface of belt (belt): the specification is determined by the customer;


4. Add sponge, styrofoam and blue cloth foam on the surface of belt: the specification is customized by customers;


5. Slotting and punching of belt: the specification is customized by customers;


6. For the special processing of the above baseband, if the customer needs other suggestions, please contact the customer service personnel, and put forward reasonable suggestions and solutions according to the specific use environment of the customer.


It is widely used in:


1. High speed cutting transmission and power transmission in textile industry, such as spinning machine, twister, texturing machine.


2. Drive belt and paper belt for printing and packaging machine and postal system


3. The belt of folding machine used in pasting machine


4. Transmission belt on paper tube and corrugated board


5. Transmission belt used in woodworking industry and high density board production line

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