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Guide strip synchronous belt i

The guide strip synchronous belt is generally formed with polyurethane synchronous belt, with good anti deviation effect, high modulus, high strength, high elasticity, small deformation, wear resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance and aging performance. It is suitable for food industry, meat processing, computer embroidery machine, beverage machinery, glass processing, ceramic processing and other industries.

The guide strip synchronous belt is composed of polyamide grease and stainless steel rope or Kevlar rope with the framework. The guide bar on the tooth surface is in accordance with the height of the synchronous tooth, so it runs more accurately, with high strength, low extension, good winding performance and large load force. Synchronous belt back processing guide strip, can be post-processing, can also according to customer requirements, die opening integrated production, integrated guide bar stability is better, load force is greater.


According to customer needs, the synchronous belt can be de toothed, the back of synchronous belt can be processed baffle, positioning nut, red glue, pattern, belt drilling and slotting, adding sponge, etc. According to the various needs of customers for processing, only you can't think of it, we can't do it without us, you have an idea, I'll make a plan to serve you, we have been on the road!

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