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Special synchronous belt for p

Before introducing the special belt of paste box machine, let's take a look at what is paste box machine.


What is paste box machine


Paste box machine: through the paper or paperboard through the indentation die-cutting molding, according to the requirements of the carton in the need to apply glue position, folding after pre folding, also known as paste box or paste box.


Paste box machine belt is a common conveyor belt, which is not only used in paste box machine, but also used in many machines. Generally speaking, the belt of paste box machine is made of mould, its thickness is 8 mm, the surface is smooth, the bottom is black, the surface material is made of rubber, very soft, very high wear resistance.


Characteristics of belt of paste box machine


It is not easy to open and break after long time use


Good wear resistance, no fiber fragments.


Paste box machine belt in the work of running, very stable, good paper feeding effect, can be used for a long time. Paste box machine belt also has a special processing method of punching, if you want to customize paste box machine belt, you can provide your own detailed needs.

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