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zhejiang miou Exhibitor Fair

On May 23-25, 2017 (thirty-fifth) China international sporting goods exposition opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition center. The current Expo area of up to about 200000 square meters, more than 2000 companies registered exhibitors, a record new industry.

Whether the organizers or exhibitors, have great hopes for the Expo, and paid one hundred and twenty percent efforts. Each booth, regardless of decoration, products are amazing, in such circumstances, who can take the lead, who can become the leader of the industry.

In the rhythm of life is so complicated today, exercise and become indispensable. However, when it comes to sporting goods, treadmills naturally become mainstream products. Throughout the assembly treadmill products regardless of the number of periods. Who can win the first sunflower?.

One of the most important accessories was overlooked, the treadmill belt, which was low in profit, and the demand was immeasurable. As the conveyor belt manufacturers Zhejiang Mi'ou with Limited by Share Ltd in the exhibition the popularity of the natural lot, they produce their own brand, many well-known brand support. The exhibition, whether exhibitors or exhibitors, can naturally become their customers.

Even more interesting, he has more than a dozen customers throughout the venue in the exhibition. So he decided to offer a mind, send flowers, while courtesy light, has reflected the sincerity of mio.

The rapport between the seller and the buyer instantly infected the whole meeting site. Doing business is like being a friend, talking cheerfully about business, and buying and selling heart to heart.

Now the show is over, deliver the goods, this exhibition is very successful, I hope the next exhibition can be so successful. I hope that China's sports industry can also become more and more successful.

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