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Causes of damage of Teflon hig

eflon conveyor belt is also called Teflon high temperature conveyor belt. This kind of conveyor belt can run in high temperature environment, and Zui can reach 260 ° high. It is widely used in conveyor belt, adhesive belt and sealing belt of various drying machines. Although it is not afraid of high temperature, but also will appear damage, Teflon high temperature conveyor belt damage is what?


1Reasons for longitudinal tearing of conveyor belt:


1. Vibration impact caused the standard parts to loose and fall off, resulting in wear-resistant lining plate, guide plate, etc.


2. The material seeps into the dirty things, which are hard and hard with water chestnut and jam.


3. The idler is damaged and the idler frame is scratched.


4. The Teflon high temperature conveyor belt was caught by the rack after obvious deviation.


5. When the sweeper is rolled into the drum (back and forth sweeper), the anchor bolt is loose, and there is a warning of jumping.


2Reasons for belt cracking:


1. Because of the limitation of space size, the bending frequency of conveyor belt is more.


2. The connector has been repeatedly connected for more than 2 times due to various reasons.


3The reason for the tearing of vulcanization joint of Teflon high temperature conveyor belt:


1. The diameter of the drum is small and the bending stress of the conveyor belt is large.


2. The joint quality of conveyor belt is poor, especially for more than three joints of a belt, the tensile strength is significantly reduced, or the canvas layer is sawed off during bonding, or the polishing leakage occurs, where the strength is reduced.


3. For the reversible belt conveyor, because there is only one direction when the upper and lower overlap, it is very easy to be scratched by the inclined angle of the sweeper and star shaped unloader on the drive belt.


4. Belt conveyor work cycle time is short, start often, instant tension force is large.


4Damage of rubber surface covered by Teflon high temperature conveyor belt


1. The gap between the wear-resistant lining plate of the guide groove and the tape is not suitable, resulting in abnormal damage, or dirt in the gap disposal, resulting in abnormal damage or scratch.


2. The velocity of material at the guide groove is inconsistent with that of the conveyor belt, and the fluctuation is large, which accelerates the rubber surface damage.


3. Roller damage, resulting in abnormal damage or scratch of the belt.


4. Traffic violation work, welding slag burn during maintenance, and scratch of sweeper, etc.


5. Belt deviation will also cause abnormal damage to the tape.


The above is a small series on the Teflon high temperature conveyor belt damage reasons, hope to help you. Conveyor belt is a kind of consumable, sometimes damage is inevitable, but usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance can effectively extend its service life, so it should be regularly inspected, problems found in time to deal with, storage is to pay attention not to be placed in the sun and rain.

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