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What are the problems caused b

Conveyor belt in the process of use will be elongated for some reasons, if ignored, it will cause equipment failure. Therefore, we need to make some adjustments to the equipment to ensure that the conveyor belt can continue to use, and the conveyor line will not stop.


If the conveyor net belt is not adjusted properly in the conveying process, it will cause great disadvantages to the conveyor. The following is the statistics of the conveyor belt manufacturers.


1. When the conveyor belt is adjusted too tightly, the contact pressure with the machine equipment will be increased, resulting in the deformation of the belt, and in serious cases, the belt will break;


2. The conveyor belt may be too tight and cause damage to the bearing and needle roller;


3. Too tight adjustment will lead to the increase of wear degree and wear area of conveyor belt, which is not conducive to the daily maintenance of conveyor.


4. When the conveyor belt is too tight, it will seriously affect the service life of the belt and machinery, and also affect the quality of products.

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