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How to choose seafood conveyor

With the progress of society, the application range of conveyor belt is more and more extensive. It is not only used in factory workshops, but also in cafeteria, aircraft, railway station security inspection machines, port terminals, etc. the places where conveyor belts are used in ports and wharves are generally seafood and aquatic products. How to choose the seafood conveyor belt on the wharf? Why are other people's conveyor belts so durable?    


Let's know what features the seafood conveyor belt needs to have?


1. The conveyor belt has good weather resistance, suitable for use in various temperature and humidity environment;


2. The conveyor belt has high quality aging resistance, especially the outdoor anti ultraviolet capability;


3. The conveyor belt has water resistance and is not easy to fall off;


4. The conveyor belt has a high strength tensile layer, which is suitable for conveying heavy objects;


5. The conveyor belt has climbing ability and high wear resistance.


This is the reason why other people's conveyor belts are durable. After Zui, a key parameter was emphasized, i.e. the tensile strength of the conveyor belt. Although the thickness and pattern of our conveyor belt are similar to that of the ordinary belt, its tension is more than twice that of the ordinary belt, and the cloth layer is more wear-resistant.


If you want to know about our seafood conveyor belt, you can contact customer service online and look forward to cooperating with you.

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