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How will the endless belt be s

With the development of machinery industry, conveyor belt is widely used, among which the use of annular conveyor belt is more common. More and more people use circular conveyor belts. Many bosses will store some for standby, but how do they store these circular conveyor belts at ordinary times?


Today, I'd like to introduce you to the storage of circular conveyor belt:


1. During the storage of the annular conveyor belt, first keep the conveyor belt clean, and then avoid the conveyor belt from being directly exposed to the sun or rain, so as to prevent the conveyor belt from being in direct contact with acidic, alkaline and other substances.


2. When the annular conveyor belt is stored, the temperature will be better between 18-40 degrees and the humidity will be better between 50-80%.


3. During the storage period, the conveyor belt can be rolled up and placed, preferably not folded. If the storage time is too long, it needs to be turned once a quarter.

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