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The sweeper of the conveyor belt can be roughly divided into three parts: head sweeper, middle sweeper and tail sweeper. They have different division of labor and functions.


Head cleaner:


The head cleaner is used for cleaning the return belt of the belt unloading drum. The cleaner is matched with the belt conveyor, and the cleaner is matched with heavy hammer tightening or spring tightening.


Quantity: 1 ordinary belt conveyor and 2 strong belt conveyors. Cleaning medium: rubber strip is used for ordinary belt conveyor and alloy or polyurethane is used for strong belt conveyor.


Middle Cleaner:


It is also used to clean the non working surface of the belt so that the materials stuck on the lower belt surface can be transmitted to the lower idler and steering drum as little as possible.


Installation position: within 5 meters behind the unloading point in the middle of the belt, or 2 / 3 of the belt conveyor body (from the head).


Quantity: at least one ordinary belt conveyor and at least two strong belt conveyors. Cleaning medium: rubber strips are used for ordinary belt conveyor and rubber strips or polyurethane are used for strong belt conveyor.


Tail empty section Cleaner:


Be responsible for cleaning the front non working face of the belt conveyor tail.


Quantity: at least one.


Cleaning medium: ordinary belt conveyor uses rubber strip, and strong belt conveyor uses rubber strip or polyurethane. Installation position: within 5m in front of the tail buffer idler frame.

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