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What is the difference between

Although both light conveyor belt and rubber conveyor belt belong to conveyor belt, due to the differences of raw materials and production technology, there are great differences in various performance indexes of conveyor belt and its application scope. Today, let's briefly introduce these two conveyor belts.


(1) Different application ranges.


Rubber conveyor belts are mainly used in heavy industries such as steel, coal, cement, port and electric power, while light conveyor belts are used in light industries such as electronics, printing, medicine and food.


(2) Different materials.


The raw materials of light conveyor belt are PVC, TPU, TPEE, PE and other materials. Due to the variety of formulas, it is relatively less affected by the cost of raw materials. In addition to the excellent characteristics of the coating material itself, through physical and chemical modification, the new light conveyor belt products can have the properties of acid-base resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance, so as to meet the diversified use needs of the industry.


(3) Different energy consumption.


Due to the difference of raw materials and production process between light conveyor belt and rubber conveyor belt, there is also a great difference in energy consumption. Compared with rubber conveyor belt, in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials and save the energy consumption of conveyor belt, most light conveyor belts use more environmentally friendly materials.


The above is about the difference between light conveyor belt and rubber conveyor belt. I hope it will be helpful to you. Miou belt focuses on the production, processing and sales of industrial conveyor belts. It has always provided customers with high-quality conveyor belts. It can be customized according to the material, width, height and perimeter required by customers. New and old customers are welcome to customize.

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