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Synchronous belt is a kind of industrial belt that can not only drive but also be transported. Different from conveyor belt, synchronous belt and belt pulley are matching products for meshing transmission. The common types of belt teeth of synchronous belt are arc tooth and trapezoid tooth. Will different belt teeth affect the universality of Pu synchronous belt?


In fact, when it comes to belt teeth, I believe that most of my friends do not know about them. Maybe they just know that there are teeth here. The main difference between trapezoidal gear and circular arc tooth is actually in tooth profile. Trapezoidal tooth is a kind of synchronous belt tooth type which appeared earlier in Zui, while circular arc tooth is actually the product of upgrading and evolution of machine equipment. The characteristic of circular tooth is that the tooth height, the thickness of tooth root and the fillet radius of tooth root of belt are larger than those of trapezoidal tooth type synchronous belt, and the stress and stress distribution of belt tooth surface are uniform.


As we all know, Pu synchronous belt is generally divided into trapezoidal teeth and circular arc teeth, but in terms of belt teeth, it is divided into single-sided teeth and double-sided teeth synchronous belts. Of course, there are only symmetrical teeth and staggered teeth, which may be slightly complicated. Double tooth is an industrial belt product with teeth on both sides of the belt, and both sides can transmit power at the same time.


In fact, the main factor affecting the transmission accuracy of synchronous belt is the side length of the polygon of the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt. In the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt drive, the tooth top is not in contact with the pulley groove of the same belt, so the polygon effect can be generated by forming a straight edge with the belt tooth here. However, the arc tooth of Pu synchronous belt is meshed with the tooth slot, which can reduce the polygon side length formed by belt tooth, greatly reduce the polygon effect, and make the transmission noise of arc tooth synchronous belt excellent.


The above is about whether different belt teeth will affect the universality of Pu synchronous belt, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Welcome to inquire and understand.

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