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Eight reasons for the damage o

Conveyor belt is used for a certain period of time, long-term use or improper use will cause damage to the conveyor belt. This paper summarizes the reasons for the damage of large angle side belt, which is only for your reference.


1. if the baffle plate is not long enough, adjust the baffle length until the material on the conveyor belt is stable.


2. improper opening of skirt. The skirt opening should be 2 / 3-3 / 4 of the width of the conveyor belt, and the block material should be narrower. Skirt should be fan shaped (opening is in the direction of operation) and can be adjusted.


3. the spacing between conveyor belt and baffle plate is not suitable. First, one side of conveyor belt of baffle plate is contacted with conveyor belt, and then increase interval to proper position slowly to reduce wear of baffle to conveyor belt.


4. the feeding direction is not suitable, that is, the direction of material falling is different from the direction of conveyor belt operation, so that transverse force is generated, which makes the belt run out of the way or is intensified by wear, the direction of material dropping shall be adjusted.


5. the material of baffle plate is not suitable. The baffle plate is of too hard material, or the old conveyor belt is used to expose the canvas, so that it can directly contact the conveyor belt, and appropriate rubber baffle shall be selected.


6. the angle and drop difference of materials are not suitable. The angle should be reduced so that the material falls on the conveyor belt without bouncing. When the drop is large and the conveyor belt is greatly impacted, measures should be taken to reduce the speed of feeding


7. the material falling speed is not correct, because the material falling speed and the speed of the conveyor belt are not adjusted well, the material slips in the moment when it falls on the conveyor belt. Therefore, when the glue is worn, the material dropping speed shall be adjusted to make it consistent with the speed of the conveyor belt.


8. if there is something sticking on the lower idler, it does not rotate or adjust well, and the upper cover rubber is abnormally worn, the following methods shall be adopted: installing the sweeper, cleaning the conveyor belt, installing rubber sleeve on the return roller, repairing or replacing the return roller.

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