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Conveyor belt of seedling plan

With China's economy entering the new normal, the degree of Agricultural Mechanization in China has become higher and higher. Seedling planter is one of them. Seedling raising is the most critical link in the production of flowers and vegetables. As a conveyor belt manufacturer, what are the conveyor belts and characteristics of seedling planter?


First, let's understand the main characteristics and application scenarios of seedling planter.


Conveyor belt of seedling planter


1The seedling planter mainly transports the seedling hole tray, and has no special requirements for the color of the conveyor belt. Usually, the green conveyor belt is used;


2As a supporting conveyor belt for agricultural equipment, the conveying environment is relatively bad, and there are certain requirements for the aging resistance of the material of the conveyor belt;


3Agricultural production has seasonal characteristics. Machines are used intermittently and periodically. When the conveyor belt is not suitable for a long time, the conveyor belt needs to have excellent weather resistance;


4When transporting the cavity tray, in order to ensure accurate delivery, the conveyor belt is not easy to slip, so the pattern conveyor belt is generally used;


5The length of machinery and equipment is moderate, the product weight is light, and the tension of conveyor belt is moderate.


According to the use characteristics of the above conveyor belt, what are the main conveyor belts we normally use on the seedling planter?


1. Straw conveyor belt, also known as straw belt, climbing belt and straw belt, has the following main characteristics:


The surface pattern has the characteristics of high friction and high wear resistance;


PVC material has aging resistance, widely used material and relatively low cost;


2. Smooth PVC conveyor belt can also be called flat belt and green conveyor belt. Its main features are:


The surface is smooth and has good wear resistance, which is not easy to damage the product;


PVC material has aging resistance, widely used material and relatively low cost;


Above, we have introduced the characteristics of the conveyor belt of seedling planter, so how to maintain it in use?


The conveyor belt is a vulnerable part, which will be damaged if we don't pay attention to it. First, we should handle it gently and don't hit the conveyor belt; Pay attention to the deviation of the conveyor belt to prevent damage to the belt edge; When not in use, keep it indoors at room temperature, not in the sun or outdoors.


The above is our introduction and summary of the conveyor belt of seedling planter. If there are any imperfections, please call or leave a message.

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