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What are the classification of

What are the classification of pattern conveyor? The pattern conveyor belt is composed of baseband and pattern. Due to different materials and conveying inclination, the pattern shape and height are required to be different.


Conveyor belt manufacturers point out the varieties of commonly used pattern conveyor belts, such as herringbone pattern conveyor belt, octagonal pattern conveyor belt, herringbone pattern conveyor belt, U-shaped pattern conveyor belt, cylindrical pattern conveyor belt, pockmarked pattern conveyor belt, fan-shaped pattern conveyor belt, strip pattern conveyor belt, granular pattern conveyor belt, etc., or designed according to user requirements, which are suitable for Conveying of powder, granular and block materials with inclination less than 30 degrees. Patterns can be open or closed, and each pattern can be divided into high, medium and low.


Pattern conveyor belt with which classification, conveyor belt manufacturers for you to introduce here. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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