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What's wrong with the transmis

Synchronous belt is an annular belt with steel wire rope or glass fiber as the strong layer and covered with polyurethane or neoprene. It is widely used in medicine, food, daily chemical, printing and other industries. In addition to ordinary synchronous belts, in order to meet the needs of enterprises, synchronous belts can be processed in various ways, such as adding guide strips, punching, slotting, etc. adding stops to synchronous belts is one of the special processing of synchronous belts. Next, I will introduce synchronous belt adding stops to you.


The synchronous belt plus stop transmission is composed of an inner peripheral surface, an equidistant ring belt and corresponding matching wheels. Different from ordinary synchronous belt, its surface will be equipped with baffle. It also combines the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive. The transmission efficiency is high, generally up to more than 98%. The transmission products are widely used in various mechanical transmission in textile, machine tool, communication cable, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, instrumentation, food, automobile and other industries.


When using synchronous belt with stop, we may encounter transmission failure, which is a thorny problem. However, after understanding the reasons for the failure of synchronous belt plus stop transmission, the problem will be solved.


(1) The anti fatigue of the belt body with a stop on the synchronous belt is weakened, resulting in fracture;


(2) Toothed cutting and crushing;


(3) On the belt side, the belt teeth are worn and the wrapping cloth is stripped;


(4) The bearing layer extends and the pitch increases, forming tooth interference and tooth climbing;


(5) The impact and overload during mechanical operation make the belt tooth cut and crush the belt body, block the belt body and break the main body of the belt.


The above is an introduction to the failure of synchronous belt plus stop transmission. I hope it will be helpful to you. If your timing belt fails, first check to see what causes it and solve the problem through the causes.

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