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Food conveyor belt tear, can r

What should be done after the edge of the food conveyor belt is worn? This is a problem that many users worry about. Whether the food conveyor belt can continue to be used after that. Xiao Bian will talk with you.


In fact, the wear of the conveyor belt edge is actually divided into situations, most of which can be repaired. Here are three kinds of repairable conditions.


1. the unilateral damage is serious.


In this case, we recommend that the customer replace the conveyor belt again. If the belt width can be saved, the belt can be modified next time a narrow belt is needed to reduce the loss.


2. partial damage.


Sometimes, food conveyor belt deviation is found in time, which does not cause large area damage of conveyor belt, and can be replaced to reduce losses and reuse.


3. it is the deviation of the train that causes the crack.


This light injury can be repaired directly. When such a situation is found, it shall be stopped in time and repaired on site.


These are some of the food conveyor belt edge wear. The specific damage assessment shall be subject to the actual situation. If you have technical needs in this area, you can contact us and prepare in advance.

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