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Food grade silicone conveyor b

Non toxic, odorless and safety standard food grade conveyor belt can be used to transport food. In industrial production, a variety of materials of food conveyor belt are often used, such as PU, PVC, Teflon and silica gel. Silica gel conveyor belt is generally used in high temperature field. So, what are the characteristics of food grade silica gel transportation?


High temperature resistant elastic sealing and cutting of silica gel conveyor belt. Temperature can be in the range of - 60 ~ 200 degrees, with insulation, ozone resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, release adhesive and other physical properties, radiation resistance; Special surface properties (non stick) and physiological inertia; Resistant to general acid, salt, inorganic matter, alcohol, animal and vegetable oil and polar organic matter.


The above is about the introduction of food grade silicone conveyor belt, I believe you also have a certain understanding.

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