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Why PVC conveyor belt needs to

When you buy PVC conveyor belt, the manufacturer will sometimes ask the buyer whether the conveyor belt needs to be hemmed. At this time, some buyers will wonder what is the hemming?


Today, Zhejiang mieu belt conveyor belt manufacturers will take you to know about PVC conveyor belt edging, how to make hemming? What kind of effect can it play? What industry and production environment need to be covered?


If the PVC conveyor belt is to be hemmed, it usually needs 2 cloth and 2 glue or above. First separate the cloth surface from the rubber surface, and then wrap the edge with the surface glue surface, so that the edge wrapping is completed. And the use of a hot-melt process, package side and conveyor belt as a whole. It is not easy to fall off.


Of course, not all industries need PVC conveyor belt edging, more as long as the normal can.

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