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How to deal with tooth skippin

When it comes to rubber conveyor belt, all professions engaged in transportation are familiar with it. From design to function to service life, rubber conveyor belt has proved itself in the transportation profession with its unique characteristics. Although the advantages are outstanding, but the belt conveyor is not without defects. After users use the information reflected in these years, belt conveyor needs to be improved in shape, noise, beauty and other aspects.


In daily use, some customers reflect that the rubber conveyor belt deviates or jumps teeth. When purchasing rubber conveyor belt, we should first choose regular conveyor enterprises, only regular rubber conveyor belt manufacturers need qualified products. If there is deviation or tooth skipping phenomenon after application, it should be adjusted from the following aspects.


(1) Firstly, the straightness of driving shaft, driven shaft and side wall is measured, and the straightness between driving shaft, driven shaft and side wall reaches 90 °。 ( 2) Measure the horizontal straightness of fuselage to prevent the appearance of parallelogram.


(3) The tension of both sides of the net belt or chain should be adjusted synchronously. Do not make the tension loose at the same time.


(4) Measure whether the mesh belt pitch is consistent with the sprocket pitch.


As long as there is no error in the above parameters of the rubber conveyor belt, there will be no deviation or tooth skipping. The above is the rubber conveyor belt run off or jump tooth processing method, hope to help you.

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