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Skirt baffle belt is a kind of industrial belt loved by enterprise owners. This kind of conveyor belt can be used for climbing conveyor belt, and Zui can reach 90 degrees, which is not achieved by ordinary conveyor belt or pattern conveyor belt. Because it can be transported by climbing, it can also save floor space and is very suitable for enterprises with small factory buildings. However, the skirt baffle belt will be damaged after a period of time, and the skirt and baffle are damaged first by Zui. What is the reason?


1The main reasons for the damage of skirt baffle belt are as follows:


Press, 1 Wheel:


A. The linear speed of the big wheel and the small wheel is different, but when the big wheel and the small wheel are welded together, the speed of the small wheel is forced to be the same as that of the big wheel, so that the drag friction is formed between the small wheel and the top of the skirt;


B. When the diameter of the small wheel is large, the top of the skirt edge is forced to crush, and the skirt edge will wear and crack quickly due to drag friction.


2. Check the defects of long return idler. It can't be seen from the photos. Are some parts in direct contact with the skirt? Whether the belt is tight or not, if the belt is not tensioned, it will cause the skirting baffle belt to jump up and down and knock the idler during the operation, resulting in the skirt cracking.


3. The distance between return short idler and skirt is small, and the top of short idler is in direct contact with the skirt.


4. There is an obvious lack of angle on the outside of the top of the diaphragm, which indicates that there is scratch between the diaphragm and the steel part.


2Improvement suggestions:


1. The pressure pulley must be replaced, and the small wheel has a separate bearing to make it rotate freely; the diameter of the small wheel is reduced, which makes it not connected with the top of skirt under normal conditions.


2. If the return long idler has contact with the skirt, lower the long idler so that the skirt does not contact with it; or, adjust the short idler so that the top of skirt does not contact with the long idler.


3. Adjust the distance between the end of the short idler and the skirt of the skirt baffle. In the case of deviation, the end of the idler will not wear with the skirt.


3Key points:


1. The skirt and clapboard of skirt baffle belt can not directly contact with steel. Improvement measures must be taken to eliminate the contact points where there is contact.


2. The skirt baffle with skirt is used to block materials to prevent the transported materials from spreading to both sides; the diaphragm is used to carry materials, prevent sliding, and realize the principle of large angle transportation.


3. Maintenance principles are as follows:


A. If there is any damage, check whether there is direct contact with the equipment;


B. Eliminate the hidden danger.


The above is about the skirt baffle with skirt and baffle damage causes and solutions, hope to help you. If you have a similar situation with your skirt, you can refer to the above methods to solve the problem. If you don't understand, please click online consultation.

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