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What are the differences betwe

The main difference between synchronous belt and conveyor belt is that synchronous belt has teeth, which is an industrial belt meshing with synchronous pulley. The tooth shape of synchronous belt is also different. There are two kinds of common teeth: trapezoidal tooth and circular tooth. Although experts can clearly distinguish these two kinds of tooth shapes, some friends who have just contacted this product don't understand where the difference is.    


Tooth shape difference: the main factor affecting the transmission accuracy of the synchronous belt is the polygon side length of the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt. In the transmission of the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt, the top of the tooth does not contact with the groove of the belt pulley, and the straight edge of the belt tooth produces polygon effect, while the top of the arc tooth synchronous belt contacts with the groove, which partially reduces the polygon side length of the arc tooth synchronous belt tooth, greatly reduces the polygon effect, and makes the circle shape smaller The transmission noise and impact vibration of the spiral tooth synchronous belt are less than those of the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt.


The polygon effect of arc tooth synchronous belt is much smaller, because the meshing of belt tooth and gear tooth is better, so its transmission accuracy is also higher.


The materials of synchronous belt generally include rubber and polyurethane. The soft rubber has small radius of curvature, and the deformation is slightly larger under heavy load. The rigid polyurethane (some with steel wire) can achieve large radius of curvature and small deformation under heavy load.


Polygonal effect in the mechanical principle refers to: every time the sprocket turns a tooth, the chain speed changes from large to small, and then from small to large. At the same time, with the chain shaking up and down, and because the contact part is polygonal, the non-uniformity of the chain drive caused by the existence of polygon is called polygonal effect of chain drive.


What are the differences between trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt and circular tooth synchronous belt? I believe you also have a certain understanding. Welcome to inquire.

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