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How to select reciprocating sy

The power transmission of pumping unit is realized by a special reciprocating synchronous belt. When the common reciprocating synchronous belt is used in the market:


1. The belt surface is broken due to insufficient tension


2. Tooth dropping and tooth surface cracking


3. Layering


4. Short service life


Main key factors in the use of pumping unit synchronous belt:


The synchronous belt of pumping unit is a reciprocating synchronous belt. In the process of reciprocating use, the instantaneous force point of the synchronous belt is very concentrated and the force is very large. The force point is at the tooth root of the belt, so the requirements for the synchronous belt are very high. The synchronous belts on the market often have tooth loss, tooth surface cracking, synchronous belt delamination and other phenomena due to stress concentration, which delay the normal operation of the equipment and affect the working efficiency of the equipment.


According to the service environment of the oil field, this synchronous belt greatly improves the friction, tension and glue density of the belt itself. The teeth on the belt can withstand the impact force brought by the larger synchronous belt pulley and ensure that the synchronous belt teeth and teeth can bite better, but the belt itself will not be overweight, which greatly reduces the load of the motor, so as to improve the service life of the motor / equipment.


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