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What should be paid attention

The conveyor belts used by different products are also different. Some products have regular shapes, and smooth conveyor belts are easy to slide down for round, oval and cylindrical products, which may lead to product contamination and damage. Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose anti-skid conveyor belt at this time. What should be paid attention to in the installation of anti-skid conveyor belt?


Whether it is necessary to replace the anti-skid conveyor belt or re install the conveyor belt on the new transmission device, we generally suggest that the manufacturer should follow the following steps to install, which will be safer and more secure:


1. First, turn off the power supply, remove the protective cover, and loosen the assembly bolts of the motor. It is specially reminded not to pry the anti-skid conveyor belt off.


2. Remove the old belt and check whether there is abnormal wear. Then choose the appropriate belt replacement.


3. Clean the belt and pulley. Wipe the belt and pulley with a cloth dipped in some non volatile liquid. Do not soak the belt in detergent or brush the belt with detergent. Maifu belt must be dry before installation and use.


4. Check that there is no abnormal wear of anti-skid conveyor belt and whether it is symmetrical in a straight line.


5. Check the remaining drive components.


6. Install a new anti-skid conveyor belt on the pulley, do not pry and force too hard.


7. Adjust the center distance of the transmission device until the tension of the belt measured by the tension measuring instrument is appropriate. Rotate the driving wheel several times by hand and re measure the tension.


8. Tighten the assembly bolts of the motor and correct the torque. Make sure that all drive components are tightened.


After Zui, you should pay special attention to the performance of the industrial belt when starting the device. If you find any abnormal vibration or noise, please turn off the machine immediately and check the condition of the bearing and motor.


The above is about the installation of anti-skid conveyor belt which need to pay attention to. The service life of the conveyor belt is not only related to its own quality, improper installation will also lead to running deviation, belt breaking and other problems in the later stage of operation. Therefore, it is necessary to find an experienced master to install the belt. During the operation process, we should also pay attention to observation and timely handle the abnormalities Avoid adverse effects.

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