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What happened to the oil resis

Most foods have a lot of oil, especially some fried foods, such as French fries, twist, fried bread and so on. When food factories produce and process such products, they need to use oil-resistant food conveyor belt. Like other conveyor belts, oil-resistant food conveyor belt occasionally breaks down, sometimes even stops running suddenly. What causes this?


1. Fracture occurs during transportation. We all know that the oil resistant food conveyor belt is a long belt. When using, it will transport all kinds of materials and avoid various problems, so it will easily break. Once the belt breaks, it is unnecessary to say too much. I think everyone knows the consequences. Therefore, we should pay attention to the problem of not overloading during transportation, but also the transportation process The problem of material required in.


2. The conveyor belt is relatively loose. We all know that oil resistant food conveyor belt needs to be made into a ring for use. If there is a relatively loose situation, the conveyor belt and the idler will be operated for friction. Problems will occur after a long time. The conveyor belt is rolled into the idler and there will be various problems.


3. Pay attention to the voltage. Before the oil resistant food conveyor belt is transported, we need to carry out the empty and several minutes to see the transportation situation and the voltage stability. If the normal transportation is not possible, the voltage will be in trouble, which will definitely cause various accidents. Therefore, the voltage of one of the transportation environment is also very important.


4. There is a problem with the auxiliary equipment. The oil resistant food conveyor belt will not run by itself, it is transported by auxiliary equipment, such as conveyor and idler, so we need to know if there is any problem with these equipment. Then find out the problem and solve it.


The oil resistant food conveyor belt stops suddenly, which is caused by many factors. If your belt stops suddenly, it is necessary to stop the conveyor belt and check it to see if it is caused by that factor and solve the problem from the root.

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