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Improvement of belt conveyor w

The return section of the conveyor with wavy rib and large inclination angle adopts the parallel lower idler belt of the ordinary fixed belt conveyor. In use, the idler is easy to be inlaid with the skirt of the belt, and the diaphragm will be damaged if the inlay is serious. Often conveyor in use about a year, belt damage has been quite serious, must be replaced, which brings great economic losses to users.


In view of the above situation, we improved the return section idler and replaced the parallel idler with the newly designed belt device. The new belt device consists of two small belts, nylon elastic belt and bracket. The bottom frame of the belt supporting device plays the role of fixing two small idlers, the annular nylon belt is sheathed on the two small idlers, and the tensioning device is set on the bracket, thus forming the belt supporting device. The device is installed under two skirts of the edge belt as a support belt. Because the skirt does not directly contact with the small idler, but with the nylon belt, the contact area is large, which overcomes the phenomenon that the skirt inlays into the idler.


The nylon belt is passive and runs with the movement of the wavy sideband under the action of friction, and can always keep in contact with the skirt. Our factory has also developed a compound belt supporting pulley which is used with belt supporting device. The structure of the compound belt supporting pulley is composed of a large guide pulley, a small guide pulley, a fixed shaft and a bearing seat. The big guide wheel and the small guide wheel can rotate around the shaft separately, which can overcome the skirt sliding phenomenon caused by the uneven tension on the left and right sides of the tail. Both ends of the fixed shaft of the compound supporting pulley are fixed by the bearing seat. During the operation of the belt, the support wheel rotates to reduce the friction damage of the belt, improve the service life of the skirt and extend the service life of the whole belt.

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