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Is Pu food conveyor worth buyi

Pu conveyor belt must be used for the conveyor belt in direct contact with food. The price is more expensive than PVC. Of course, there is a reason why it is expensive. Today, I'd like to remove some doubts about the conveyor belt used in the food industry, so as to avoid stepping on the pit.


Purchase doubt 1: I do bakery, after the oven temperature above 160 degrees, with PU conveyor belt is OK?


Answer: the operating temperature of Pu conveyor belt is from minus 20 to plus 90 . It is not recommended to use Pu conveyor belt. Teflon food conveyor belt can be considered. The operating temperature of Teflon conveyor belt can reach 200 ℃ °- three hundred °。 Purchasing doubt 2: in the aquatic and seafood industry, some of our seafood are living creatures, such as oysters, lobsters, scallops, crabs, etc., which may crawl around. It's better to add something that can block on the conveyor belt. Is there such a conveyor belt?


Answer: the seafood processing centers we have worked with before usually suggest that Pu food conveyor belts be made to order. Pu has certain acid and alkali resistance, so there is no problem with long-term saltwater immersion. Secondly, for some crawling transports, it is suggested to add skirt to block crawling. If the middle part needs weight, some small baffles can be added. This is our conventional scheme in the past, It depends on the actual situation of transportation.


Purchase doubt 3: only White PU conveyor belt is natural material, no pigment?


Answer: generally, Pu conveyor belt is mainly white and blue. If there is no blue, it means adding pigment. Mio's PU conveyor belt adopts international standard food production process and meets the requirements of FDA / EU. Have ISO9000 certificate, so this does not need to worry about conveyor belt insecurity.

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