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How long does it take to custo

What parameters need to be provided for customized conveyor belt to make the conveyor belt you want?

1Basic parameters


(1) Perimeter: that is, the length of the belt one week. If the new machine is not equipped with belt, we need to tell us the diameter of the active and passive rollers, the center distance between the two rollers, and the range of tension adjustment.


(2) Width: the actual width of the conveyor belt.


(3) Thickness: in the case of knowing the type selection, we need to tell us the thickness of the conveyor belt and the diameter of the drum. Each manufacturer produces the coil material, has its own actual thickness, in the case of suitable drum diameter operation, choose the most appropriate thickness.


(4) Pattern: there are many kinds of patterns on the conveyor belt, so when selecting the pattern belt, you must check with the manufacturer's picture, so that you can purchase the accurate pattern, especially when you don't know the professional name.


(5) Color: each industry has a specific color, for example, the majority of food industry is white, and the logistics industry is green and black.


2Processing requirements


Skirt: there are many kinds of skirt height, which can be processed from 10 mm to 100 mm. The distance between skirt and belt edge also needs to be told to the manufacturer.


Baffle: the height, length and spacing of baffle are important parameters for processing baffle.


Guide bar: there are many sizes of guide bar, such as 6 * 4, 8 * 5, 10 * 6, 13 * 8, 17 * 11, etc. the size of guide strip shall be determined according to the size of wheel groove.


Special processing: for special processing of belt, we will make drawings according to your specific requirements, and produce and process according to the drawings.

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