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How to deal with the belt slip

With the progress of society, people's living standards continue to improve, but the pace of life is also very fast, especially in some big cities, many young people are in sub-health state, in order to improve this situation, most friends will choose sports fitness, running is a popular sport, but outdoor running in big cities is relatively rare, we are basically all in good health Will choose the gym or buy a treadmill. When we use the treadmill, the running belt of the treadmill slipping is a common small fault, especially our household treadmill. So what's the best way to adjust the belt slip of treadmill?


Adjustment method of treadmill belt slipping:


(1) If the treadmill skids suddenly during exercise, there must be a very uncomfortable feeling. At this time, you need to tighten the running belt. There are two screws at the tail of the running board, which should be adjusted 1 / 4 circle at a time.


(2) If the running belt is too tight, friction is very big, easy to cause the running belt hair perm soft, need to add lubricating oil to the treadmill and adjust loose running belt, make it moderate tightness, easy to use.


(3) If there is no effect in tightening the running belt, first open the motor shield, step on the running belt gently with your feet, and check whether the conveyor belt between the motor and the front roller will stop. If so, you need to pull the motor position away from the front roller, and then loosen the screw fixing the motor, but tighten the screw in front of the motor.


How to maintain the treadmill Daily:


1. Do not use the treadmill belt to transport unsuitable materials; do not place the sanding machine belt in unsuitable temperature and chemical environment.


2. According to the characteristics, size and weight of wood, the conveyor belt with appropriate specifications should be selected, such as the type of stripes, the number of layers of adhesive tape, the scale of temperature tolerance, etc;


3. Prevent the conveyor belt of sanding machine from starting under load, and ensure that there is no material residue on the conveyor belt when it is shut down;


4. When the treadmill belt deviation, timely adopt measures to correct;


5. When the treadmill belt is found partially damaged, repair it in time to avoid the expansion of the damaged mouth;


6. Prevent the sander from being blocked by frame and block materials, and prevent sharp objects from scratching the surface of conveyor belt;


7. Surface stains on treadmill belt can be washed with neutral detergent or by alcohol or perfume. The use of pure benzene chemicals is strictly prohibited.


The above is about how to deal with the treadmill belt slipping, I hope to help you.

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