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What are the advantages of add

Conveyor belt is an important mechanical equipment used for assembly line production and processing. It is used for short distance transportation of products, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises. So more and more enterprise owners want to improve the production efficiency through transportation, but the conveyor belts used for different products are not the same. Some need to add guide strips, so what are the advantages of adding guide strips to conveyor belts?    


1. Adding guide belt can prevent deviation


In the process of conveying, once the industrial conveyor belt deviates, it will wear the bottom belt and reduce the service life of the conveyor belt. In serious cases, it will cause the fracture of the conveyor belt, stop production and even personal injury. In order to solve the problem of industrial conveyor belt deviation, we add a guide bar on the industrial conveyor belt, so that the contact between the industrial conveyor belt and the roller can be more stable.


2. Add guide belt to increase friction


The surface friction of plane conveyor belt is small, in order to increase the friction, play the role of anti-skid, and can adapt to a certain climbing angle, at this time, the herringbone guide bar can be added on the bottom belt.


3. The function of the conveyor belt with guide bar to block the conveying material


Plane conveyor belt, adding transverse guide bar on the conveying surface, can block the conveying material and increase the conveying capacity of the conveying material.


Guide bar classification: ordinary guide bar, tooth guide bar, size can be customized according to your specific needs.


The above is about the introduction of the benefits of adding guide belt. I hope it can help you. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the conveyor belt with guide bars can also fix products, such as eggs. The conveyor belt with guide bars can prevent it from rolling down and causing damage.

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