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How to change the conveyor bel

In order to solve the defects of the existing conveyor belt replacement methods, the industry has designed a convenient and fast operation method to replace the conveyor belt, mainly using crane, pulley, belt splint, sling and other equipment and tools to introduce the specific steps for you.


1Cut off the old belt at the guide pulley at the tail of the equipment, punch holes at the end of the old belt far away from the outlet, and clamp the end of the new belt with the old belt with a belt clamp plate;


2Cut off the old belt again at the outlet of belt replacement to form long belt and short belt


3A replacement tug is arranged at the belt replacement outlet, and the replacement tug is connected to the belt bracket


4Replace the tug by passing the long old conveyor belt through the belt from the end near the belt (the end at the exit is the starting end);


5Use the sling to cover the beginning of the long old belt, and then use the hook of the crane to lift up the long old belt;


6Long old belt (after lifting to the limit of crane travel, replace the belt with crane swing arm, pull out the long belt at the replacement outlet and put it on the ground, move the sling to the belt replacement outlet and repeat step 5.

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