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Which kind of heavy conveyor b

The main materials of heavy-duty conveyor belt are rubber and PVC, with the thickness of 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and 13mm. Traditional heavy-duty conveyor belt uses more rubber. However, due to the problems of easy belt replacement, non wear resistance, powder dropping and aging, PVC conveyor belt has gradually entered the category of heavy-duty conveyor belt, and its use efficiency is much higher than rubber conveyor belt, Here are some of his advantages.


1. Material


Heavy conveyor belt, the general choice of material is PVC material, itself non-toxic tasteless, can be in contact with the conveyor.


2. Pattern


Heavy duty conveyor belt has many kinds of patterns, such as grass pattern, diamond pattern, line pattern, cloth pattern, checkerboard pattern, etc.


3. Thickness


There are many kinds of heavy-duty conveyor belt thickness, from 7mm to 13mm, according to the size of the conveyor drum, choose the appropriate conveyor belt.


4. Use environment


Heavy duty conveyor belt is suitable for indoor use and room temperature environment. According to the different conveying temperature, the formula can be changed to produce cold resistant conveyor belt or high temperature resistant conveyor belt.


5. Processing technology


Heavy duty conveyor belt, according to the drawings, processing baffle, guide bar, skirt, edge, etc., all dimensions can be customized.


I believe you have a certain understanding after reading the above introduction of heavy conveyor belt. There are many advantages of heavy conveyor belt. If you have any need, please consult online.

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