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Which kind of pattern conveyor

Conveyor belts have been developed very mature, and conveyor belts with different environments and requirements have also proliferated. Today we are talking about anti-skid conveyor belts. Generally, anti-skid conveyor belts are made of PVC materials with high friction surface patterns. So what kind of conveyor belts have good anti-skid effect?


For some smooth products, it is easy to deviate or drop during transportation. At this time, the general PVC smooth conveyor belt may not be easy to use. At this time, we need to choose some pattern conveyor belt to increase the friction. The pattern on the surface can greatly increase the friction and grip, so that the product is not easy to deviate and slide.


As for the pattern conveying belt, due to the different industries, materials and inclination angles, the required pattern shape and height are also different. Choose patterns according to different transportation environment: diamond pattern, sawtooth pattern, snakeskin pattern, round nail pattern, straight stripe pattern, fishbone pattern, straight line pattern, matte pattern, mat pattern, rope pattern, cotton pattern, felt pattern, smooth surface, honeycomb pattern, checkered pattern, grass pattern, wavy grass pattern, wavy dot pattern, y pattern, golf pattern, etc.


Therefore, when you need to buy anti-skid conveyor belt, Xiaobian suggests giving priority to patterned conveyor belt, which has better anti-skid effect. The better anti-skid belt made by Mio conveyor belt is grass conveyor belt and serrated conveyor belt. These two kinds of conveyor belts sell more and are recognized by most customers. Of course, what kind of conveyor belt to choose depends on their own needs.

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