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PVC synchronous transmission b

PVC conveyor belt has good elasticity and is not easy to deform. High strength and high quality cotton, nylon and polyester canvas are selected as the core, and the pure natural rubber pollution-free mixture is used to make white or light color, pollution-free, and does not affect the food hygiene odor covering layer. PVC conveyor belt product formula design is reasonable, in line with health indicators, moderate color, lightweight and durable. PVC conveyor belt is suitable for the food industry or food sector to transport bulk, canned, packaged grain or food to 400 large particle size, and the conveying capacity can be from 1 m3 / h to 6000 m3 / h.


1According to the industry application classification: PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into tobacco industry conveyor belt, logistics industry conveyor belt, packaging industry conveyor belt, printing industry conveyor belt, food industry conveyor belt, wood industry conveyor belt, food processing industry conveyor belt, water plant industry conveyor belt, stone industry conveyor belt, etc.


2According to the performance classification: light climbing conveyor belt, high climbing conveyor belt, baffle lifting conveyor belt, vertical elevator belt, anti-skid conveyor belt, sanding machine conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, etc.


3According to product thickness and color classification: red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, dark blue green, transparent, thickness from 0.8mm to 11.5mm can be produced.


4According to the product pattern classification: lawn pattern, fishbone pattern, diamond pattern, cross pattern, mesh pattern, inverted triangle pattern, horseshoe pattern, serrated pattern, small round dot pattern, diamond pattern, snake skin pattern, cloth pattern, big round platform pattern, wave pattern, washboard pattern, zigzag pattern, etc.


5According to the fabric level classification of PVC conveyor belt products: one cloth one glue, two cloth one glue, two cloth two glue, two cloth three glue, three cloth three glue, three cloth four glue, four cloth four glue, four cloth five glue, five cloth five glue, etc.


6According to the PVC conveyor belt product temperature range classification: cold resistant conveyor belt (above - 40 ) normal temperature conveyor belt (minus 10 to 80 ).


How high temperature can PVC conveyor belt endure


Although the high temperature resistance of PVC conveyor belt can reach + 110 , if it is used for a long time in the environment above 110 , the surface is easy to crack, and the surface of a layer of PVC rubber will slowly fall off with time, which is easy to affect the service life. If high strength and high temperature resistant conveyor belt is needed, Teflon conveyor belt and silica gel conveyor belt can be selected to meet the needs of different industries. Friends in need can consult and understand.


PVC conveyor belt Zui low temperature resistance for - 10 degrees, therefore, if the temperature is lower than - 10 degrees you should pay attention to, PVC conveyor surface is easy to harden, operation is more laborious, so it is recommended to use indoors, and the temperature is not lower than - 10 degrees. When the temperature of PVC conveyor belt is too high or too low, its service life will be affected. In addition to the routine maintenance of the conveyor belt, there is also the use of the environment.

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