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Can ordinary food conveyor bel

In the process of food processing, there are many kinds of food conveying that need climbing and lifting. At this time, we need to choose climbing conveyor belt, common climbing conveyor belt with pattern and large inclined angle. Besides these two types, is there any other elevator belt? Can ordinary food conveyor belt climb?


Generally speaking, in addition to these two kinds of conveyor belts, other ordinary food conveyor belts are difficult to achieve climbing transportation. Because of the increased pattern, the climbing angle of the patterned conveyor belt can reach 30 degrees to 45 degrees. According to the different patterns, the upper limit of this angle will be different. The upper limit of the climbing angle of the Striped conveyor belt is 30 degrees, and the upper limit of the climbing angle of the herringbone conveyor belt is 30 degrees If the concave round dot pattern conveyor belt is used to transport granular materials, the upper climbing limit is 45 degrees, and the upper climbing limit of fan-shaped pattern conveyor belt is 45 degrees when it is used to transport powdery, granular and block materials.


The large inclined conveyor belt adds a diaphragm, so the material falls on the diaphragm more stably. Its climbing upper limit is larger than that of other conveyor belts. It is not only a common slope, but also can achieve 90 degree vertical conveying, which is undoubtedly a good choice for manufacturers who need to use small space to lift materials.


In other words, the climbing ability of the above two kinds of conveyor belts is so strong. How much is the climbing ability of ordinary food conveyor belts? It depends on the shape of the material. If the friction between the material itself and the conveyor belt is relatively large, then the ordinary food conveyor belt can climb about 30 degrees. If the material to be transported is liquid or smooth, the friction between the material and the conveyor belt is very small, then the ordinary food conveyor belt can't climb.


After Zui, let's summarize that the ordinary food conveyor belt can climb the slope, but it can't climb the slope in the case of special materials. Customers need to choose the right conveyor belt according to the characteristics of the material. If the conveyor belt needs to climb a larger slope, the patterned conveyor belt and large inclination conveyor belt should be considered.


The above is about whether ordinary food conveyor belt can climb the introduction of conveying, I hope to help you.

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