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What is the difference between

What is the difference between brown and black of Teflon conveyor belt? In industry, the functions of similar products are often divided by models. This method sometimes brings complex purchasing experience to users: This is our company's xxx-x-xx model product. What do you think? I think everyone is dizzy. Then later, people gradually divided their functional characteristics by color, and different colors represented its use direction and ability direction.


The Teflon net belt of the manufacturer is also in the model division, and the color also represents their different direction in the actual production. Teflon belt manufacturer is divided into two types: coffee color and black. The specification is different according to the size of mesh: mm.


The black Teflon net belt is mainly due to the addition of carbon black in the production process, and it is used in some industries to protect against ultraviolet rays, such as UV drying channels (such as UV curing calender). Coffee color is due to the reason of glue immersion and temperature control, sometimes it will become light coffee color, or the user thinks it is closer to white, in fact, they all belong to coffee color, and Teflon net belt of coffee color is suitable for infrared drying.


But no matter which color is only the difference of production technology, the high temperature resistance is no different. Please majority of users in the selection process to understand the color difference, can have a clearer understanding of the product, so as to avoid entering the wrong area when choosing.


The difference between Teflon conveyor belt coffee color and black is what conveyor belt manufacturer will introduce to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, please call us for advice.

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