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Treadmill selection PVC patter

Now people's living standard is getting better and better. Sub-health has become a problem for everyone in the society. Especially after experiencing COVID-19 disease, everyone is getting more and more attention to physical health. People who exercise in the morning and evening are also getting more and more. Running naturally becomes a healthy exercise with low cost and simple and effective. Especially for some young people who live in a tight time, most of them choose to buy a treadmill at home. The manufacturer of treadmill has strict requirements on the conveyor belt of treadmill. What kind of conveyor belt is suitable for them?


The rubber surface of PVC conveyor belt is made of PVC, which is composed of polyester fiber cloth and PVC glue. Its working temperature is generally from - 15 to + 80 , and its joint mode is generally hot-melt joint, which has good lateral stability and is suitable for various complex environments. With the characteristics of anti-skid and wear-resistant, comfortable and durable, dynamic foot protection, quiet and low noise, PVC conveyor belt has good elasticity and is not easy to deform, which is favored by customers!


For some multi-functional treadmill belts, it is recommended to add patterns, such as inverted triangle pattern, I-shape pattern, herringbone pattern, big round table pattern, straight stripe pattern, fishbone pattern, mesh pattern, sawtooth pattern, square corrugated grass pattern, square grass pattern, eight character pattern, long round table pattern, big square pattern, one character pattern, diamond pattern, etc.


The above is the introduction of the treadmill conveyor belt, if you are still looking for purchasing manufacturers or want to change a better quality and price of the treadmill conveyor belt, you can contact us.

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