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Pu conveyor belt for food fact

Conveyor belt is an important part of mechanical equipment, which is used in many industries, because there are many industries and many types of it. Polyurethane PU conveyor belt is a common one and can be used in many industries, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, tobacco, daily chemical industry, etc. why is polyurethane PU conveyor belt so widely used?


One point is that polyurethane PU conveyor belt has strong tear resistance, good elasticity, and certain impact resistance. It can be used normally under complex conditions and has good water resistance. It can also be used normally even in cold and humid conditions without any impact on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt can still be used normally and has no effect on the service cycle. Compared with other materials, the conveyor belt has better acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. Although the price is relatively high, polyester conveyor belt will be more economical in the long run.


Compared with the commonly used conveyor belt in food industry, polyester conveyor belt has the advantages of thin body, light weight and certain plasticity in the use process. It can not only improve the conveying capacity, but also reduce energy consumption, and optimize the conveying radius to meet the transportation requirements. According to the requirements of low energy efficiency, the annual average and longitudinal sample strength of polyester conveyor belt is greater than 4.5n/mm, and the bonding ratio between cover and surface is greater than 4N / mm.


Polyurethane PU conveyor belt is used in food industry more, which is called food conveyor belt. Generally speaking, Pu is about - 20 / + 80 degrees. Pu conveyor belt has the characteristics of high strength, good willfulness and easy cleaning.


The above is about why polyurethane PU conveyor belt is so widely used, I believe you are also very clear, this must be inseparable from its own advantages, non-toxic, tasteless, oil resistant, wear-resistant, good elasticity, long service life, enough to meet the conveying requirements of most products.

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