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What is the production materia
The skeleton material of the belt has been improved, and the skeleton of the V-belt determines the strength and life of the tape. The early reinforcing layer used cotton cords and then switched to strong rayon ropes. Due to the shortcomings of elongation, since the 1970s, all countries in the world have

Polyester rope with high strength, small elongation, heat resistance and good bending resistance was used. In the 1980s, a modified polyester cord with high definition and low shrinkage appeared. It has become a V-shaped belt material. Mainstream. For speed change belts requiring high load transmission and impact resistance, and V type for agricultural machinery

Belts, some have begun to use aramid fibers. The reinforcing layer of the toothed belt has long been used for the purpose of reducing the strength of steel wire and polyester, and it is also suitable for high-speed rotary transmission due to its large specific gravity, and has now been basically eliminated. Use poly canis cords for requirements
Products with high dimensional accuracy are rarely used due to scaling problems. At present, the best skeletal material is considered to be glass fiber, which can make the elongation during the meshing transmission small, and has a moderate coefficient of linear expansion, and the lack of rigidity such as bending fatigue can not be widely obtained.

General use. In the future, aramid fibers with higher strength and better bending resistance will be able to partially replace the glass fibers and squeeze into the ranks of the best skeleton materials. At present, there is a flawless polyester tempered monofilament skeleton on the market, which is relatively inexpensive.
The characteristics of high strength, good flexability and long service life have gradually been recognized by everyone.

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