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How to distinguish PVC conveyo

How to distinguish PVC conveyor belt from Pu conveyor belt? Many customers reflect that the price difference between Pu and PVC conveyor belt is several times, but it is not very wear-resistant to buy it back. This situation may be to buy a fake PU. In order to facilitate you to better distinguish between the two kinds of conveyor belt material, specially for you to collect and organize this article, hope to be useful to you!


There are many identification methods for PVC conveyor belt and Pu conveyor belt. Today I will introduce the physical identification methods for you


1Elastic PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, while Pu conveyor belt rebounds rapidly.


2Scratch resistance of conveyor belt: scratch the surface of conveyor belt with fingernail. The surface of PVC conveyor belt is easy to have dents, and the recovery is slow. Pu conveyor belt has no dents.


3In the combustion smoke method, Pu combustion smoke is less, mainly white smoke, occasionally smoke is due to inadequate combustion. The smoke of PVC combustion is large, all of which are black smoke.


4Smell the burning smell, Pu has a certain fragrance when burning, and the smell is small. After burning, it becomes a black viscous liquid. After touching, it has adhesion and wire drawing. PVC burning, food grade PVC conveyor belt, smell bigger, and very strong, burning into carbonization, hard, hand twist will become powder.


How to distinguish PVC conveyor belt from Pu conveyor belt? The conveyor belt manufacturer will introduce it to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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