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What factors lead to PVC food

PVC food conveyor belt generally refers to the white PVC conveyor belt, which is often used to transport bagged, filled and boxed food, with light weight, good elasticity and beautiful appearance. Although there are many advantages of PVC conveyor belt, but there will also be slippage, which is very troublesome for the staff, so we must understand the reasons for the slide of the conveyor belt, and take the right medicine.    


External factors:


There are foreign matters blocked or the roller itself is damaged


The PVC food conveyor belt is carrying too much cargo


The conveying environment is very bad. The soil and dust lead to the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller, or it is drenched by rain. If the environment is too wet, it will also lead to slipping.


Internal factors:


The service life of PVC conveyor belt itself has reached, and the belt is aging.


First of all, we must ensure the use of PVC food conveyor belt environment, to avoid dust, if not, then to do timely cleaning of PVC food conveyor belt.


Secondly, the weight of our materials should not be too heavy. Check the roller and conveying equipment regularly and maintain it in time. PVC conveyor belt belongs to consumables, if the use time is too long and the conveyor belt is aging, the conveyor belt can be replaced in time.


At the same time, we usually use, we should regularly check the PVC food conveyor belt, in case of slip, we should timely adjust the tension of PVC food conveyor belt.


Why PVC food conveyor belt slip, how to solve, Xiaobian has told you, hope to help you. If your PVC conveyor belt is slipping or other problems, please contact us.

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