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What are the commonly used conveyor belts in coal mines? In recent years, the production of coal mine has been the concern of everyone. Rubber conveyor belt plays a certain role in coal mine production. However, if the conveyor belt is not selected correctly, it will cause unnecessary losses. The rubber conveyor belt commonly used in coal mine mainly includes the following contents.


1. Underground conveyor belt. Coal mines contain gases, and coal is also flammable. The selection of conveyor belt must first ensure underground coal transportation. Therefore, China's "coal mine regulations" stipulates that the conveyor used underground must use flame retardant conveyor belt, and stipulates that the flame retardant used underground conveyor belt must obtain the mark and production license. At present, there are only three kinds of flame retardant conveyor belts used in China's coal mines: the first is the core flame retardant conveyor belt (mt914).


It is a kind of flame retardant steel wire rope traction belt (mt669) used in coal mine with less consumption. Fabric full core flame retardant conveyor belt is a special conveyor belt for underground coal mine. Because of its good flame retardant and antistatic properties, light weight, low manufacturing cost, good tear resistance, small floor area, convenient installation and maintenance, it is the preferred type of underground coal mine.


2. Conveyor belts for surface and open pit mines. Compared with coal mines, the working conditions of surface and open-pit coal mines are better. Flame retardant and antistatic are not the main requirements. The principle of using conveyor belts is based on physical and mechanical properties, taking into account performance. According to the environment and use conditions, layered conveyor belt and wire rope conveyor belt should be preferred.


Under normal temperature (- 10 ° C ~ 40 ° C), general flame retardant conveyor belt with fabric core (GB / t10822) and flame retardant conveyor belt with steel cord core (Hg / T 2297) are selected. When the ambient temperature is lower than - 10 ° C, the cold resistance should also meet the requirements of cold resistant conveyor belt (Hg / T 3647).


About coal mine conveyor belt commonly used which conveyor belt manufacturers for you to introduce here. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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