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What is the process of hot vul

Vulcanization joint technology of conveyor belt is the most commonly used method in belt joint. The conveyor belt joint is bonded on site by vulcanization equipment, which is less affected by the environment and has a long service life.


The bonding steps of this conveyor belt joint are generally divided into the following steps:


1First, choose a good conveyor belt vulcanizer and choose fresh rubber and mortar.


2Peel, polish and clean the belt.


3Apply glue evenly to the joint position, preferably on both sides.


4After fully drying, paste the film, strengthen both sides, and use sealing glue at the interface.


5Pressurize with water, generally 1.2kpa, holding time 20 ~ 30 minutes, and appropriately extend the time according to the belt thickness.


6When the temperature drops below 100 , the vulcanizer can be disassembled.


In this way, the vulcanization process of conveyor belt joint is completed.

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