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What are the advantages of foo

Have you heard of the conveyor belt in the food industry? In fact, it is an industrial conveyor belt specially used for transporting food, such as candy, pasta, meat, seafood, baked food, etc. the food industrial conveyor belt is the first choice. But we all know why we choose the food industrial conveyor belt to transport food for the first time? Next, let Xiaobian tell you about some advantages of conveyor belt in food industry!


Because the conveyor belt of food industry takes polyurethane (polyurethane) as the surface, the conveyor belt of food industry is transparent, clean, non-toxic and tasteless, and can also be in direct contact with food.


Because the food conveyor belt has the characteristics of oil resistance, water resistance and cutting resistance, it has thin belt body, good toughness and high tensile strength. In particular, it also complies with FDA food grade certification. Polyurethane (PU) is a material soluble in nature, which is called green raw material. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contains substances harmful to human body. Therefore, if it is related to the food industry, from the perspective of food safety, the selection of food industry conveyor belt is the best.


Because we also need to consider durability, and our food industry conveyor belt can be cut. After reaching a certain thickness, it can be used for cutter, and it can be cut repeatedly. PVC industrial conveyor belt is mainly used for food packaging and transportation and non food transportation. Its price is lower than that of food industrial conveyor belt, and its service life is generally shorter than that of polyurethane industrial conveyor belt.


The above is about the advantages of food processing machine conveyor. I hope it will be helpful to you. Miou belt focuses on the production, processing and sales of industrial conveyor belts. It has always provided customers with high-quality conveyor belts. It can be customized according to the material, width, height and perimeter required by customers. New and old customers are welcome to customize.

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