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How to customize the apron con

Skirt baffle conveyor belt. This kind of conveyor belt looks different from other conveyor belts. It is composed of skirt, baffle and baseband. Why is the conveyor belt so complicated? Why don't you make it simple? We must do this because the market has demand. Let's take a look at the advantages of skirt baffle conveyor belt.

1. Skirt baffle conveyor belt can reach the angle that ordinary conveyor belt or pattern conveyor belt can not reach. The Zui height of patterned conveyor belt can only reach 45 degrees, but skirt conveyor belt can reach 90 degrees. However, because the material and site are not suitable, it should be made according to the specific situation, and can be used with buffer roller and spiral roller.


2. Different conveyor belt products can be selected according to the different environment, which solves the problems of slow transportation and manual operation.


3. It occupies a small area, and the transportation of material particles is not limited, because it has a flange, and the transportation volume is large, which greatly saves time.


The height and spacing of baffle can be customized, which can be combined in various ways. Our company adopts high frequency welding machine for hot melting, which ensures the firmness and beauty of baffle plate. It is suitable for plane transportation and lifting transportation, which is mainly used for lifting transportation, which can play a role of anti-skid and avoid the products from piling up together when climbing. The color of the baffle is generally white, green and blue. It can also be customized according to the customer's requirements. The apron apron apron conveyor belt can be used in many industries. As long as there is a demand for improvement, it can be realized by using the baffle lifting conveyor. The apron baffle conveyor belt is not only beautiful, but also relatively light, easy to install and widely applicable, so it is favored by the majority of customers.

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